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    About Business Plan

    A well-drafted Business Plan includes general business information along with co-founder and founder details and financial projection with Forecasted Cash Flows. A comprehensive Business Plan enables them get into the Founder shoe and understand the purpose and goal of the concept in a palpable manner and hence allow the investor take the right method toward the company’s valuation. Business plans are used to show your idea to investors like angel investors, venture capitalists, and banking institutions.

    Advantages of a Business Plan

    To Create Roadmap

    LegalSalah.com will help you built your idea roadmap through a presentable Business plan that includes all major and essential information in one place.

    To Impress Investors

    Investors life is not as easy as we think they had to listen, understand and analyze lot many ideas from different startup and hence proper business plan with projected financial will give you an extra edge over other startups as it will act as spoon-feeding of your idea to an investor.

    For Debt Equity Funding From Bank

    With a Business plan, you cannot only pitch for equity funding but also to Banking institutions for startup loans like Mudra Loan and other working capital loans.

    For Individual Funding

    With a Viable Business plan, you can even pitch to your friend and family to join your startup as an investor or partner.

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    Yes, you do. Even if you think you have a exact idea of how you are going to begin and grow your business, placing it out on paper forces you to be more accurate and careful to details.

    No. It is a mistake to assume that business plans are just something to provide an investor looking for guarantees that your business has a good case of turning a profit. The advantages of a business plan are especially for you, the owner.

    There is not a specific format to follow or a certain length that your plan should be. Most significantly, your plan should have all the required information for you to utilize it as a tool for evaluating your progress. Typically, a plan will begin by placing out your business goals. 

    If you are writing a business plan to be shown to potential investors, highlight financial information, and contain a detailed analysis that helps each of your assertions.

    Circumstances change, and at some point, you may desire to adapt your business plan to reflect those modifications. If your plan is just for internal use, there is nothing to stop you from modifying and enhancing your plan; it is, in fact, good business sense to do so. To your business plan make modifications by checking your financing agreement, and consult an attorney to decide your legal obligations to your investors.

    There is no hard and fast rule for how many pages a business plan should be.  You will require to contain as much details as required for it to be a useful document and if you planning to use it to raise finance you will require to have finished each section on the business plan template entirely.  It is wise to contain tables and bullet points to make it more readable. 

    If you plan to raise finance the audience for your plan will be the loan or grant provider but before then ensure and access support from your local enterprise support organization.  Business Advisors will be able to check and give feedback on your plan.

    Your business plan should contain details of what your business or service is, who your clients will be and why they will buy from you. You will also require to contain assumptions around how much people will buy and where you will market your product or service.

    A business plan is a written document that defines your business. It covers objectives, strategies, sales, marketing, and financial forecasts.

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