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    About Copyright Registration

    Copyright registration in India gives monetary rights and benefits to the original creators of literature, art, music, sound recordings, cinematographed films, and broadcasts. This enables the creators to make money from their creations by making copies, performing in public, broadcasting, and issuing copies to the public for various other online uses.

    When a creator creates something, a copyright is automatically created. In India, however, the act of copyright registration is important since it gives the creator a legal right to use his or her work in public.

    Advantages of Copyright Registration

    Prima Facie Evidence

    Copyright Protection Delivers Prima Facie Evidence In Case Of Litigation Occurs. The Proof Is Necessary To Attest To Anything In A Court Of Law; Hence Copyright Registration Is Very Useful For Creators.

    Protection Extended Even After The Creator's Death

    Copyright Protection Is Not Confined To The Original Creators’ Life Span; Its Validity Is Longer Than Any Other Intellectual Property. It Is Reserved For The Creator’s Lifespan And 60 Years After His/Her Death.

    Public Record

    When The Registration Of Copyright Is Accomplished, A Definite Public Record Is Completed That Helps The Original Creator To Prove His Ownership Over The Said Copyright.

    For Filing a Case For Infringement

    A Trademark Owner Has The Exclusive Rights To Allocate Or License The Mark To Someone Else In Return For Some Monetary Reward. Thus, One Can Earn A Profit From A Registered Trademark As Well.

    Registration Process Flow

    1-2 HOURS

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    We Will Conduct A Proper Trademark Search And Undertake Accurate Trademark Planning.


    Draft The Documents
    Fill Out The Appropriate Forms Or Speak To Our Experts Online For Assistance.


    Prepare The Vakalatnama
    We Will Draft The Application And Vakalatnama And Fill The Application.


    Submission Of Forms
    We Will Offer Payment Acknowledgment Receipt And Prescribed Forms To Registry.


    Check Application Status
    Throughout The Registration Process, We Will Keep You Informed About The Status Of Your Application.

    Documents required for Copyright Registration

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    Works that are not set in a tangible form such as ideas, processes, methods, systems, procedures, concepts, regulations, discoveries, unwritten speeches, etc. cannot be copyrighted.

    The copyright owner has the complete rights to:

    • Duplicate and spread the work in copies or phonorecord to the people by sale or transfer of ownership or license.
    • Construct additions to the original work or change it, display, present or complete them among the public
    • Exclude others to claim ownership or employment without the original creators’ consent.

    Legal notices can be sent to that person. And, even after that, the infringement resumes, and you can claim your exclusive right in the court of law to claim impairments.

    No, there is no such mechanism to explore for already existing works on the copyright registry website

    The laws of copyright and design apply to jewelry. It is preferable to bear copyright protection on the illustrations of the design as artwork due to the extended protection delivered under copyright law than that delivered under the design laws.

    (a)Literary, Dramatic, Musical, or Artistic work: Rs. 500/- per work

    (b)Delivered that in respect of a Sound Recording, Cinematograph Film, Literary or Artistic work which is utilized or is capable of being employed in relation to any goods (under section 45): Rs. 2,000/- per work

    Copyright protection is valid for a period of 60 years; in case it is literary, dramatic, musical, or artistic works the 60-year period is calculated from the year following the death of the author/creator. For cinematography films, sound recordings, and photographs, the 60-year period is calculated from the date of publication. For broadcasting, the term is 25 years from the start of the calendar year following the year in which it was first broadcasted.

    Copyrights can be sold, transferred, assigned, or licensed by original creators.

    A website can copyright its original authorship. But a domain name cannot be covered under copyright law. However, every work e.g. photographs, videos, etc would be regarded as a separate work and a separate application fee requires to be paid for each of them.

    A trademark is provided to protect a brand name, logo, or slogan. While copyright is a protection provided to unique content like a book, music, videos, songs, and other artistic content. In common practice, a website owner usually covers just the content and not the supporting pieces like photos and videos uploaded on the website as they are bound to alter according to the business requirement.

    • No. In the case of a program made in the course of the author’s employment beneath a contract of service or apprenticeship, the employer shall, in the absence of any agreement to the contrary, be the first owner of the copyright.

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