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    Businesses think that they will get registered once they become big players but the truth is completely opposite,  you become a big player when you get registered!

    Legal Salah, is a team of expert trademark service providers, who guide and support you through the complexities of this trademark and save you from making mistakes. We provide fast, cost-effective quality work within 15–20 days and with clear and regular communication. We have worked with some leading brands and are their go-to guys for the legal aspect of their business in the industry.

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    Our Services

    Business Name

    We register your business name so that you are the only one!


    Use your registered logo in advertising & marketing without any fear!


    Increase brand trust and goodwill with your registered brand

    Slogan and punchline

    register your slogans and punchlines so that no one copies it!

    Additional trademark related service

    After sending the registration application, registry checks it and raises objections if they find something inappropriate or confusing. In this case if you don’t reply to these objections, they abandon your application. Hence to prevent this from happening Legal Salah provides Trademark Objection reply services as well.

    Indian trademarks expire after 10 year period. So for a smooth running you need to submit a trademark renewal application online or offline every 10 years along with the renewal fees. Legal Salah helps you by making this Trademark Renewal process very easier, faster and hassle free.

    If you as a brand or an individua create something, a copyright is automatically created. Still in India, a copyright registration is important since only after this you get the legal right to use your work in public. Legal Salah makes this whole process hassle free for you so that you don’t have to roam in govt. offices frustrated.

    Who can apply for trademark registration?

    An individual

    A proprietorship firm

    A partnership firm

    Joint owners


    Limited liability partnerships

    Trust and societies

    If you are one of these then we can help you protect your business and take it in the real game among the big players!

    Our Process

    1-2 Hours

    Trademark Search
    We will conduct a thorough and detailed trademark search and will adhere to the most precise trademark planning.


    Select Package and Collect Requisite Document
    Select from the 3 pricing Packages and Collect the Requisite Document Select a package & click on the “Start Now" tab at the website. We will send you the trademark questionnaire form and collect the necessary documents via mail or courier


    Build PoA (Power Of Attorney)
    We will collect and upload the address and brand name and will get the user's signature on a stamp.


    Fill TM Form Application
    We will file your application within the proper jurisdiction and share the report with the concerned authority.


    Check And Start Using Proposed TM
    We will investigate the proposed mark that was published in the trademark journal. If there are no objections filed within 90 days of publication, you can start using it.


    Check Application Status (Power Of Attorney)
    We will keep you updated about the status of your application throughout the registration process.

    Why Trademark is important

    Why all big players with the best clients are registered?

    In Legal Terms, A Person/ Company Can Only Own A Brand When They Have Applied Their Logo, Mark, Or Company Wordmark For ™ Registration Under The Trademark Act With The Intellectual Property Office Of Their Respective Jurisdiction. Once The Registration Certificate Is Conferred From The IP Office, The Owner Of The Mark Gets The Legal Right To Abstain From Using The Registered Logo Or Mark Against Anyone And Everyone In The World. LegalSalah.Com Will Assist You With The Same.

    Registered Trademarks Are The Building Block Of The Goodwill Of Any Company. The Company Name Is The Real Asset For Any Company Irrespective Of Its Financial Wealth. Marks “TM” And “R” Indicate That A Company Is Concerned About Its Goodwill And Brand Name.

     A trademark can help a business expand its operations and enter new markets by ensuring that its brand identity is protected and recognized.

    Trademark registration establishes your brand identity and helps distinguish your products or services from those of your competitors.

    A registered trademark can increase the value of your brand, making it more attractive to investors and potential buyers.

    A registered trademark can increase your business’s credibility and legitimacy, as it shows that you are serious about protecting your intellectual property.

    Trademark registration can facilitate international expansion by providing legal protection for your brand in other countries.
    A registered trademark can deter competitors from using similar marks, as they will be aware of the legal consequences of infringing on your intellectual property.

    Trademark Registration Is Actually An Intellectual Property For The Company Which Values Appreciated With The Passage Of Time. It’s An Intangible Asset With A Similar Value To Any Tangible Asset.

    In The Trademark Act, Both Trademark Applicants And Trademark Owners Have Conferred The Right To Take Legal Action Against An Infringer Of The Applied Or Registered Mark. An Applicant Can File A Passing By Suit Against The Infringer Whereas A Registered Owner Can File. LegalSalah.Com Will Assist You With The Same.

     A trademark can add value to a business and be used as a tangible asset on a balance sheet, potentially increasing its overall value.

     Trademark registration is the most effective way to protect your brand and prevent others from using similar marks that could cause confusion among consumers.

    A registered trademark can help build brand recognition and customer loyalty, as consumers are more likely to trust and remember a brand that is legally protected.

     A registered trademark helps prevent confusion among consumers by ensuring that your products or services are easily identifiable and distinct from others in the marketplace.

    A registered trademark can deter competitors from using similar marks, as they will be aware of the legal consequences of infringing on your intellectual property.

    If you have any inquiry contact us?

    Why should you choose Legal Salah?

    Legal Representation

    Legal Salah provides legal representation in case of any form of infringement or other legal disputes related to your business's trademark.

    Cost Effective

    Legal Salah provides very cost-effective solutions to businesses of all sizes, so that you can protect your identity; your trademark without breaking the bank.


    Legal Salah has a team of experienced trademark attorneys who are knowledgeable about the trademark registration process and can provide guidance throughout the process.

    Time saving

    Legal Salah's trademark registration services are designed to save businesses time by handling all aspects of the registration process, from conducting a trademark search to filing the application.


    Legal Salah provides personalized service to each client, ensuring that their trademark registration needs are met.


    Legal Salah follows a transparent process for trademark registration, keeping clients informed at every step of the process.

    High Success

    Legal Salah has a high success rate for trademark registration,which can give businesses confidence in their trademark protection.

    Our Clientele

    You Can Protect your business by getting your trademark registered and take your business to the real game amongst the real big players!
    But you need to take action now because to give high quality work we cannot take a lot of clients at once, if you miss today you will have to wait for months to get our services.
    And time is more important than money in legal matters.
    So take action Now, fill the form and contact us for a free Salah NOW!

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