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    About One-Person Company (OPC) Registration

    If you’re wondering how to register a one-person company in India, you only need one shareholder. A minimum of one director is also required for the registration of a company. Keep in mind, however, that if your company has an annual turnover over 2 crores, you need to register as a private limited company. Initially, this may not be a relevant issue for your business, but it may become important later on.

    Advantages of a One-Person Company (OPC)

    Easy to manage

    A one-person company is not required to hold an annual meeting. The Companies Act, 2013, section 174, which pertains to board meetings, does not apply to such companies, so they only have to meet twice a year.

    More Credibility

    Most Banking And Financial Institutions Choose To Loan Their Money To Businesses That Have Experienced Company Incorporation Instead Of Proprietorships.

    Limited liability

    In The Event Of A Financial Crisis, You Can Rest Secure That The Bank Will Not Take Your Personal Assets To Enjoy Limited Liability.

    Tax Benefits

    Financial Elements Such As A Director’s Remuneration, Rent, And Interest Are Tax-Deductible, Provided You Have To Pay Fewer Taxes And Enjoy Higher Profits.

    Registration Process Flow

    1-2 HOURS

    Select Package
    At LegalSalah, we are providing one person company registration fees in variety of packages to fit your requirements. Begin by selecting the proper one, filling out the needed forms, or just speaking to our experts online for assistance.


    Apply for MoA
    Legalsalah will facilitate your application for the MoA. Company registration begins with obtaining digital signatures. Your Legal Salah manager will apply and generate a link to conduct eKYC verification.


    Get Your Name Approved
    LegalSalah will help you identify three or four unique names, and get the same approval by filing the RUN form.


    Get your DSC
    Will help you to get your Video verification done after registration in Emudhra portal Fill Spice32 form Upon obtaining the digital signature, Legalsalah will facilitate you to submit the Spice 32 form with the MCA.


    Fill Spice32 form
    Upon obtaining the digital signature, Legalsalah will facilitate you to submit the Spice 32 form with the MCA.


    Get Company Incorporation, PAN & TAN generated
    Once your name is approved, LegalSalah will facilitate your filling out all vital documents, including the Incorporation Certificate. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs will issue your PAN and TAN.


    Check Application Status
    We will keep you updated about the status of your application throughout the registration process.

    Documents required for One-Person Company (OPC) Registration

    Minimum Requirements for OPC

    Documents for Directors

    To register the office

    pricing packages

    Basic Package

    ₹ 5,999

    Growth Package

    ₹ 8,999


    ₹ 15,999


    Comparison Basis Private limited company Llp Sole proprietor
    Raising Fund
    Start-Up India Recognition
    Complince Cost
    Suited For Growing Startup Service Provider Small Business
    Taxation Benefit


    One Person Company may be a new type of business entity. a personal limited company can be formed with a minimum of two directors and shareholders. the administrators and shareholders can be the same individuals. A one-person company does away with the need for a minimum of two shareholders. It allows one entrepreneur to get his business registered as a company and get limited liability protection.

    As per the regulations highlighted under Section 3(1) and (2), an OPC can only be incorporated as a personal limited company. Such a corporation can be limited by shares, by guarantee, or be a vast company.

    There is no minimum capital required. Thus, for the purpose of company registration, you'll decide this based on your finances.

    Between 1-15 Directors are allowed.

    Anyone with correct identity proof in the form of an Aadhar card, Voter id card, Passport, or driver's license can be appointed as a nominee for a one-person company.

    You must file the required forms with the Registrar of Companies to change the nominee. LegalSalah can facilitate this process if you need assistance.

    If you're a minor, a far off citizen, a non-resident of India, or declared incompetent by a court, you can't form an OPC.

    No, FDIs aren't allowed.

    You must fill out Form INC-15 to inform the ROC to register a Pvt ltd company.

    There are some steps that you must follow: -Check the availability of the desired name by filing form INC-1. -File form INC-2 for the Incorporation of OPC within 60 days of filing form INC-1. -File form INC-22 within 30 days of registration of form INC-2 if you would like to receive correspondence at an address that’s not the same as the registered office. LegalSalah can facilitate this process if you require assistance.

    When the company’s annual turnover crosses 2 Crore, you want to register your company as a Pvt ltd company.

    If an individual becomes a member or nominee of 2 or more than 2 OPCs, they need to withdraw the membership from any of the two OPCs within 182 days.

    The government has fixed a slab of ₹ 2,000 for a nominal share capital not exceeding Rs 10 lakhs. For every additional  ₹10,000 of the nominal share capital within Rs 50 lakhs, an additional fee of ₹200 is charged.

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