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    About Payroll Accounting

    Payroll accounting is basically the calculation, management, recording, and analysis of employees’ compensation.

    Most startups and small businesses do not have well-established HR systems and processes directing to challenges in hiring top talents, keeping good employees, and creating a productive workplace culture. By outsourcing payroll and HR management to LegalSalah, you can enjoy a stress and error-free payroll cycle every month, understanding it has been accomplished by the experts.

    Advantages of Payroll Accounting

    Time Savings & Increased Productivity

    Outsourcing payroll services to LegalSalah enables you to focus on your core business and frees up the human resources, or accounting personnel to operate more on strategic tasks that could eventually impact your bottom line. Employers are only required to make contact with their outsourced payrol servicel specialists by agreeing on time once each pay period.

    Reduce costs

    The direct costs of processing payroll can be greatly decreased by working with us. Big businesses can afford to keep robust payroll departments. Nevertheless, for Small/medium-sized businesses, having an in-house payroll services process is a money burner. If your business has fewer than 30 employees, there’s a very good possibility that you can save money by outsourcing your payroll operations to LegalSalah.

    Team of Experts

    Most Business Owners And Payroll-Related Staff Don’t Have Time To Research And Study Frequently Modifying Regulations, Withholding Rates, And Government Forms. By Outsourcing Payroll To LegalSalah, A Small Business Can Accept Advantage Of The Expertise That Was Previously Known Only To Big Companies.

    Payroll Accounting Registration Process Flow

    1-2 HOURS

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    Obtain Information regarding Company Employees
    We Will Gather Information Regarding All The Company Employees.


    Payroll calculation
    We Will Calculate The Net Pay After Altering The Required Taxes And Other Deductions.


    Payroll Accounting
    We will maintain a record of all your financial transactions and review that all data is provided accurately into the accounting system.

    Documents Required for Payroll Accounting

    pricing packages

    Basic Package

    ₹ 10,000 per month

    Growth Package

    ₹ 14,999 per month


    ₹ 20,000 per month


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    Taxation Benefit


    Payroll management is an ancillary process for all businesses. However, for most startups and small businesses, payroll and HR management takes up a huge amount of time and energy for the founding members. Thus, by outsourcing payroll management to LegalSalah, the founding team can concentrate on more critical areas like product development, marketing, and customer support.

    LegalSalah Professionals will be deputed for your business to deliver support every month. In addition, we also have a pool of Experts to assist you with all your needs.

    Indeed. Any of your employees may contact us for advice and assistance either by email or telephone

    • Time Savings & Increased Productivity
    • Reduce costs
    • Team of Experts

    Anyone can be a designated partner as long as they are a resident of India.

    Payroll accounting is basically the calculation, management, recording, and analysis of employees’ compensation. In addition, payroll accounting also contains reconciling for benefits and withholding taxes and deductions related to compensation.

    Most startups and small businesses do not have well-established HR systems and require Payroll accounting services.

    Payroll management can be outsourced, handled on our own, or through software. But it is best when outsourced as it is cost-effective and saves time and money. Not to mention, the chance to closely work with payroll specialists and financial experts who are well-versed in the latest tax rules and compliances.

    Our payroll system is well-secured and promises to protect your company data and employee data. With a strong security system in place, we do not compromise on the security of bank account numbers, addresses, pay rates, and other details needed to process the payroll and tax forms.

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