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    About private ltd company registration

    Private Ltd Company registration is a favored form to begin a business in India. It is common for entrepreneurs to establish their start-up as a private limited company since the term refers to a company owned by a small number of people. As a result of this structure, company owners are only liable for the percentage of the shares they own. Thus, each member’s liability is limited, allowing them to sell their shares to raise capital if necessary. It’s for this reason that young entrepreneurs prefer to register their businesses as limited companies – limited liability offers a certain level of security within the volatile startup world.

    Advantages of a Private Limited Company

    Greater control of shares

    One of the biggest reasons to register pvt ltd company is that other shareowners must first offer to sell their shares to you, before providing the same to third parties. This provides the company with greater control over its shares and the people who can drive managerial decisions.

    Easy to Raise Funding

    Due to its equity structure, all investors invest in a Private Limited Company. Generally, the investment is completed through either equity shares or preferred stock in the company. Legal Salah can facilitate you in becoming an Investor ready.

    Independent existence

    A Private Limited company has ‘perpetual succession, which is continued or uninterrupted existence until it is legally dissolved. Upon registering your business as a private limited company, it evolves as a legal entity with its own PAN and TAN.

    Limited Liability

    The limited liability structure of a private limited company allows shareholders to walk away from an unfortunate event without losing their assets. In India, this is perhaps one of the most important reasons for registering a private limited company.

    Registration Process flow for Pvt Ltd Registration

    1-2 HOURS

    Select Package
    At LegalSalah, we present a variety of packages to fit your requirements. Begin by selecting the proper one, filling out the needed forms, or just speaking to our experts online for assistance.


    Apply for MoA
    Legalsalah will facilitate your application for the MoA. Company registration begins with obtaining digital signatures. Your Legal Salah manager will apply and generate a link to conduct eKYC verification.


    Get Your Name Approved
    LegalSalah Will Help You Identify Three Or Four Unique Names, And Get The Same Approval By Filing The RUN Form.


    Get your DSC
    Will help you to get your Video verification done after registration in Emudhra portal.


    Fill Spice32 form
    Upon obtaining the digital signature, Legalsalah will facilitate you to submit the Spice 32 form with the MCA.


    Get Company Incorporation, PAN & TAN generated
    Once your name is approved, we will facilitate your filling out all vital documents, including the Incorporation Certificate. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs will issue your PAN and TAN.

    documents required for pvt ltd company registration

    Minimum Requirements for privateLimited Company

    A minimum of two members who are aged 18 or more are often directors and shareholders of the company.

    A minimum Authorized capital of Rs 100,000 For all directors

    To register the office

    pricing packages

    Basic Package

    ₹ 7,999

    Growth Package

    ₹ 9,999


    ₹ 16,999


    Comparison Basis Private limited company Llp Sole proprietor
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    Start-Up India Recognition
    Complince Cost
    Suited For Growing Startup Service Provider Small Business
    Taxation Benefit


    A private limited company is a privately held business entity held by private stakeholders.

    LegalSalah features a team of experts who can help you register your business as a private limited company within 10-15 working days.

    To submit your documents, all you would like to do is e-mail their copies to our executives, or drop them off at our nearest office, supported your convenience. Do note that our executives will inform you about the documents that have got to be self-attested.

    LegalSalah can facilitate you registering your company online so that you do not have to visit any government offices. All you would like to do is submit the required documents, and we will get the registration done within 10-15 working days.

    A digital signature is an encrypted signature that's saved on a pen drive. it's used to sign ROC forms as well as PDFs to make the online registration process simple

    A DIN or Direct number is a specific series of numbers allotted to individuals who are registering as the director of the company. This number is employed on all registration forms and is a required item.

    Working with a trusted company like LegalSalah can make sure that you don’t have to worry about your documents falling into the wrong hands. Our executives can make sure that your registration process is simple and smooth.

    Yes, every company registered in India must have a registered office where all official communication is shipped by the MCA, governmental agencies, financial institutions, etc., The registered office of a corporation can be in any state of India.

    Yes, a minimum of two directors are needed for a Pvt ltd company registration. the utmost number of members can be 200.

    Yes, NRIs and Foreign Nationals can become Directors in a Private Limited Company. they have to get a DIN from the Indian ROC. they will also be a majority shareholder in the company. Provided a minimum of one Director on the Board of Directors should be an Indian Resident.

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