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Registration Process flow for Pvt Ltd

Welcome to Legal Salah, your online private limited registration service provider! We help you register your company as a private limited company in a hassle-free way, so you can focus on growing the more important aspects of your business. Our team of experts has years of experience in handling all aspects of the company registration process, from legal compliance to documentation. With Legal Salah, you can rest assured that your company registration is in expert hands.

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Registration Process flow for Pvt Ltd Registration


Register and Select Package
At LegalSalah, we present a variety of packages to fit your requirements. Begin by selecting the proper one, filling out the needed forms, or just speaking to our experts online for assistance.


eKYC verification for MoA appication
Legalsalah will facilitate your application for the MoA. Company registration begins with obtaining digital signatures. Your Legal Salah manager will apply and generate a link to conduct eKYC verification.


Name Selection and approval
LegalSalah Will Help You Identify Three Or Four Unique Names, And Get The Same Approval By Filing The RUN Form.


Video Verification &  DSC
Will help you to get your Video verification done after registration in Emudhra portal.


Fill Spice32 form
Upon obtaining the digital signature, Legalsalah will facilitate you to submit the Spice 32 form with the MCA.


Get Company Incorporation, PAN & TAN generated
Once your name is approved, we will facilitate your filling out all vital documents, including the Incorporation Certificate. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs will issue your PAN and TAN.


Why should you choose Legal Salah?

Limited liability

One of the main advantages of registering a company as a Private Limited is that the liability of its shareholders is limited. The personal assets of shareholders are protected, and their liability is restricted only to the amount they have invested in the company.

Credibility and trust

A Private Limited Company is considered more credible and trustworthy than other business structures. This can help attract investors, customers, and talented employees.

Easy to raise capital

Raising capital is relatively easy for a Private Limited Company, as it can issue shares to investors and raise funds from banks and financial institutions.

Separate legal entity

A Private Limited Company is a separate legal entity from its owners, which means it can own property, sue or be sued, and conduct business in its own name.

Better access to loans

A Private Limited Company can obtain loans and credit facilities more easily than other types of businesses, as lenders perceive them as more reliable and trustworthy.

Perpetual existence

A Private Limited Company has a perpetual existence, which means it can continue to exist even if its directors or shareholders change.

Tax benefits

A Private Limited Company is eligible for several tax benefits and incentives provided by the government, such as lower tax rates for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Why Choose Legal Salah For Your Private Limited Registration service

One-stop solution: We not only offer private limited company registration services but also other wide range of legal services, including trademark registration, GST registration, legal drafting, and more. We are a one-stop solution for all legal requirements of your business.

Online services: We provide online services, which makes it convenient for your businesses to access legal services from anywhere at any time. It also saves your time, and energy and reduces paperwork.

Experienced team: We have an experienced team of experts who understand the legal dynamics of the business world and can provide expert guidance and assistance to your businesses.

Affordable pricing: We offer competitive pricing for its services and packages as per your needs, which makes us accessible to both small and medium-sized businesses.

Client satisfaction: We focus on delivering high-quality services and ensuring client satisfaction. this is the biggest reason we have received positive reviews and testimonials from our clients.

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