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    About Trademark Registration

    The Trade Marks Act, of 1999 governs the use of trademarks in India, which are administered by the Office of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks under the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion.
    Trademarks are brand names, logos, taglines, visual symbols, numerals, or combinations that, once registered, prevent others from using them, giving you legal protection against competitors.

    Advantages Of A Trademark Registration

    Legal right

    In legal terms, a person/ company can only own a brand when they have applied their logo, mark, or company wordmark for ™ registration under the Trademark Act with the Intellectual Property Office of their respective jurisdiction. Once the Registration certificate is conferred from the IP office, the owner of the mark gets the legal right to abstain from using the registered logo or mark against anyone and everyone in the world. LegalSalah.com will assist you with the same.

    Creation of intellectual propety

    Trademark registration is actually an Intellectual Property for the company which values appreciated with the passage of time. It’s an intangible asset with a similar value to any tangible asset.

    Creates goodwill in the market

    Registered trademarks are the building block of the goodwill of any company. The company name is the real asset for any company irrespective of its financial wealth. Marks "TM" and "R" indicate that a company is concerned about its goodwill and brand name.

    Right of filing civil and criminal case

    In the Trademark Act, both Trademark applicants and Trademark owners have conferred the right to take legal action against an infringer of the applied or registered mark. An applicant can file a Passing By suit against the infringer whereas a Registered Owner can file. LegalSalah.com will assist you with the same.

    Registration Process Flow

    1-2 HOURS

    Trademark Search
    We Will Conduct A Proper Trademark Search And Undertake Accurate Trademark Planning.


    Select Package and Collect Requisite Document
    Select The Package AND Click On The “Start Now Tab” At The Legalsalah.Com Website. We Will Send You The Trademark Questionnaire Form And Will Gather The Required Documents Through Mail Or Courier.


    Build PoA (Power Of Attorney)
    We Will Collect And Upload The Address And Brand Name And Will Get The User's Signature On A Rs 10 Stamp.


    Fill TM Form Application
    We Will File Your Application Within The Proper Jurisdiction And Will Share The Report.


    Check And Start Using Proposed TM
    We Will Check The Proposed Mark Published In The Trademark Journal. You Can Start Using It If There Are No Objections Filed Within 90 Days Of Publication.


    Check Application Status
    We Will Keep You Updated About The Status Of Your Application Throughout The Registration Process.

    Documents required for Trademark Registration

    For Pvt Ltd Company and LLP

    For Partnership Firm

    For Individuals

    pricing packages

    Basic Package

    ₹ 5,999

    Growth Package

    ₹ 8,499


    ₹ 11,499


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    Yes, foreign applicants can also apply for Trademark registration in India. Under the Madrid Protocol, the international trademark application may be filed through the Trademark Office for the applicant.

    Yes, It is allowed to be amended as per the terms of Section 22 of the Trademarks Act, which enables the improvement of the mark presented it does not amount to a substantial variation in the character of the mark as such.

    Any word, name, device, label, numeral, or combination of colors that can be represented graphically can be registered as a trademark. The trademark to be registered must also be unique for the services or goods for which it is presented to be registered.

    A trademark helps to protect the logo, name, and register brand that is used in marketing goods and services. In contrast, copyright helps you to protect the original literary, artistic, and musical work.

    When considering what would make a good trademark, the strength or distinctiveness of the mark matters. In general, the stronger or more distinctive the mark, the easier it is to register and protect it from use by another. Trademarks can be categorized as having the following levels of strength or distinctiveness, from strongest to weakest: (i) Fanciful or Coined Marks (ii) Arbitrary Marks (iii) Suggestive Marks (iv) Descriptive Marks (v) Generic Terms Please avoid selection of a geographical name, common personal name or surname. No one can have an exclusive license to it. Avoid using laudatory words or words that describe the quality of goods such as best, perfect, super, etc. It is advisable to conduct a market survey to ascertain if the same or similar trademark already exists in the market.

    The term of ™ registration is 10 years and trademark renewal is every 10th years.

    Yes, a trademark can be transferred from one person to another. The processing fee of the transfer will vary as per the status of the mark.

    As far as Government fees are discussed, the cost of making an online trademark registration application is Rs. 4500/- for Small Enterprises and Rs. 9000/- for Big Enterprises for each class of use.

    The Indian registration of a trademark/service mark may not be completely valid in foreign countries. However, this Indian registration shall function as the basis of the filing of the trademark/service mark in the chosen countries.

    It shows "Objected" when the Examiner opines some objections regarding the registration of the trademark.

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