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    About Trademark Renewal

    Indian trademarks expire after 10 years. By filing a trademark renewal application online or offline every 10 years and paying the required renewal fees, it can be maintained permanently.

    Renewal of your trademark status in India can help you maintain your trademark status perpetually and permanently since there are no limitations on how often and for how long you wish to renew your trademark.

    Advantages of Trademark Renewal

    Protection from Frivolous Litigation

    Trademark Protection Can Be Seamless Without The Risk Of Litigation. By Renewing A Trademark, No One Other Than The Trademark Owner Can Claim Rights To It.

    Extension of Ownership Rights

    Brand Names Are Protected From Infringement. Trademark Rights Are Renewed Every 10 Years For A Period Of 10 Years. Therefore, It Provides Permanent Protection For Your Brand And Goodwill.

    Brand Name Security

    A Trademark Renewal Ensures That The Brand Name Will Continue To Be Protected Unhindered. If The Trademark Is Not Renewed, Its Legal Protection Will Expire.

    Monetary Returns

    A Trademark Owner Has The Exclusive Rights To Allocate Or License The Mark To Someone Else In Return For Some Monetary Reward. Thus, One Can Earn A Profit From A Registered Trademark As Well.

    Registration Process Flow

    1-2 HOURS

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    Collection of Documents
    We Will Gather All The Basic Information And Prerequisites For The Trademark Renewal Services.


    Drafting The Documents
    We Will Draft The Documents Needed To File The Application.


    Filing Of Trademark Renewal Application
    We will upload the documents and fill out the application.


    Check Application Status
    Throughout The Registration Process, We Will Keep You Informed About The Status Of Your Application And Will Inform You When You Can Start Using Your Trademark Again.

    Documents required for Trademark Renewal

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    An online application for renewal of Trademark in India shall be created no earlier than 1 year before the expiry of 10 years from the date of application. The application for Trademark Renewal after the expiry of a period of 10 years can be created only by payment of extra fees. Hence applying for renewal 6 months previous to the expiry date is perfect.

    The Registry of Trademarks may favor the period of delay for renewal of the trademark by 6 months after the expiry of 10 years. Online applications for Trademark Renewal in India can be completed after the expiry of 10 years with a payment of extra fees.

    An online trademark renewal application shall be made with the help of a Registered Trademark Attorney in India with the cost of a renewal fee and additional or late fee (as applicable). A trademark renewal request can be filed six months prior to the date of the trademark expiry. Before the expiry of the trademark, the registrar sends a notice to the owner about the expiry and the renewal fees and requirements. In case of reversal, the trademark gets removed from the register. An extension span of six months post-expiration is given in case one forgets the deadline along with an additional late fee.

    • You can apply for the restoration of an expired trademark within 6 months from its expiry date to maintain employing it. But the delay of 6 months can be risky and shall draw additional fees and documentation.

    Trademark Registration is a long process that carries a number of documents and needs more time than the renewal. A renewal is primarily for continuing your ownership and use of the trademark, while registration is the initial procedure to get its exclusive ownership. After completion every 10 years, the trademark requires to be renewed.

    • In the case of non-renewal, the outcomes are severe. Because the trademark would be drawn from the register and any other person can claim it and get it registered to their name.
    • Trademark renewal does not make any modifications to the rights of the trademark holder. As long as the trademark is right, the trademark holder would enjoy all the rights that he/she obtained during the primary registration.
    • Trademarks are usually territorial and are valid only in the country where they are filed. However, one can file for registration individually in individual countries, which can be an expensive proposition or you can submit an application via WIPO or CTM for registration across multiple countries.

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